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Jones Lang LaSalle, you will suffer miserably

I had wanted to write this a long time ago but time was not permitting. I don’t hv the luxury to write lengthy and frequent articles like I used to do so as when I was in Kiasuland. I shall reserve that for a later part.


In my last article before I left Kiasuland, I mentioned that I will write abt Intel’s URM. Well, I shall need to digress for the meantime for more urgent matters that I need to bring everyone’s attention to.


3 words – Jones Lang LaSalle.


If you guys out there are not sure who the fuck Jones Lang LaSalle is, then let me unkindly share with you who these fuckers are.


JLL is a real estate company that specializes in commercial property management. Read it clearly – it says COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.


So why the fuck and why bother bidding in the recent multi million dollar semicond-based MNC facilities management?? Semicond based MNC aint any commercial property.. Commercial properties are like Ngee Ann Tower, Berjaya Times Square and what not. When did this specific MNC fall into the category of commercial property?


Anyways, if you wish to know more abt Jones Dick LaSalle, then click here.


Let me not hold back any words today. Since JLL was the one that exposed every piece of information about their bidding, then let me continue doing so.


JLL was 1 of the many bidders for a multi-million dollar contract for APAC’s Intel Facilities Management. JLL was shortlisted to be the final 2. Many weeks ago, in fact abt 1.5 mths ago, JLL went around bragging that they had won the contract when the announcement was due to be made only in mid-May. When they fan the rumor so big, the announcement had to be postponed a couple of wks later. Today, news has it that they hv won.


Many might have not come across JLL in Bodohland except perhaps those in the Klang Valley. JLL is deemed to be a reputable company in Kiasuland. Having worked in Kiasuland before, I have actually come across many property managements undertaken by JLL. The question is why JLL is venturing into Intel only now? Is it because they undercut to win the contract in Intel US hence now they are inching their way into APAC as well?


Well, JLL has been playing dirty. They have been going around telling people that they have won the contract. One of JLL’s contractor, Pure Air has been doing the honours in fact. Problem is the contract has not been officially awarded. So how the fuck does JLL know that they have won the contract?


This only boils down to 2 things.


- JLL is stooping all time low to make it even harder for other bidders to compete or


- JLL had in fact gotten the contract thru other means of communication which is yet to be made official.


Rumor has it that JLL’s boss is quite a close friend to an Intel Facilities VP. Well, time will tell if that rumor is true. I thot hanky panky and corruption only takes place abundantly in Bodohland. Somehow if this rumor is true, then Intel is as fucked up as Bodohland. All the talk about business ethics and code of conduct is just full of bullshit!!


Just for the benefit of everyone – several months back, JLL undercut to basically win a bid to manage Intel’s Facilities Management in US. Rumor has it again that JLL came from the back door.


News also has it that JLL is one of the bidders for Dell, so happened to be outsourcing its facilities management. JLL, are u that pure and sincere to be expanding your business or are u crumbling big time in the commercial property sector? The way I see it, it is the latter… And from all the dirty tactics you are resorting to, I believed you are not sincere. So fuck off!!


Until my deep throat provides me with more information, I shall pen off for now.

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