Monday, July 6, 2009

Man in the Mirror

I just wished I was old enough back then to truly enjoy the hysteria of Michael Jackson… 

Man in the Mirror

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Dirty Diana

My kids will grow up not knowing how awesome Michael Jackson was..


One of my many favorites – DIRTY DIANA

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Legend Passes On, RIP Michael Jackson

A tribute to the greatest musician of all times; my personal favorite

Michael Jackson

1958 – 2009

I leave you with one of his hit singles, You Are Not Alone

Another day has gone

I’m still all alone

How could this be

You’re not here with me

You never said goodbye

Someone tell me why

Did you have to go

And leave my world so cold


Everyday I sit and ask myself

How did love slip away

Something whispers in my ear and says

That you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though you’re far away

I am here to stay


But you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though we’re far apart

You’re always in my heart

But you are not alone


‘Lone, ‘lone

Why, ‘lone


Just the other night

I thought I heard you cry

Asking me to come

And hold you in my arms

I can hear your prayers

Your burdens I will bear

But first I need your hand

Then forever can begin


Everyday I sit and ask myself

How did love slip away

Something whispers in my ear and says

That you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though you’re far away

I am here to stay


For you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though we’re far apart

You’re always in my heart

For you are not alone


Whisper three words and I’ll come runnin’

And girl you know that I’ll be there

I’ll be there


You are not alone

For I am here with you

Though you’re far away

I am here to stay

For you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though we’re far apart

You’re always in my heart


For you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though you’re far away

I am here to stay


For you are not alone

For I am here with you

Though we’re far apart

You’re always in my heart


For you are not alone…

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Monday, June 22, 2009

What is this stupidity?

The time now is 11.30pm.. I woke up like an hr ago to get my kids to bed. I had planned on taking a smoke and then continue my beautiful sleep. But my ex boss texted me to tell me that the male toilet in the production floor had burst. WTF? Burst mah burst la.. As if it gonna flood the whole fucking production floor. So here I am waiting for calls to see if we can turnaround the situation quickly.


Since I am waiting on several calls, I decided to write this.


Folks nowadays are a bunch of stupid arseholes. I wonder the current generation go to school for what purpose. Do they actually go to school because they just want to get a paper qualification or do they go to school because they really want to learn something that would benefit them in their later part of their lives?


The way I see it, it is the former from the experiences I have been thru in both Kiasuland and Bodohland.


There was a slight issue last Friday afternoon when my ex boss again told me that a manufacturing equipment aka module was thought to have condensation as the air cond had fucked up over the nite before. Being a module engineer myself once, I called up the module owner to enquire after the situation. I had knowledge of the equipment because I handled the same equipment before.


This module owner is actually a Gen-Y breed (yeah I am categorizing soon I will be marginalizing) and she has been on the job for the past 1 year or so, according to Tofu. She is Tofu’s colleague actually and Tofu used to handle the same equipment before.


So I called the lady up and asked her a bunch of questions. The lady just got on my nerves man. I nearly wanted to raise my voice and fuck her upside down but then since I am no longer what I am, I had to draw a line la…


I asked the lady how many numbers of modules are thought to be having condensation and she answered all!


WTF ?!?! All means how many??


I posed the question again and she answered 4 modules. And I asked how she knew that there was condensation and she said that the incoming PCW pipes to the module were sweating. I was like WTF?? PCW pipes do sweat most of the times. That doesn’t mean that there is condensation..


So I asked if there was condensation inside the module and she said no. But she later quipped that there were 7 units that had water stains. I was like WTF again!!


She claimed that the water stain was a result of the condensation inside the module. So I asked if there was condensation in the handler (which is part of the module) and she said that the handler doesn’t have PCW running thru it. WTF??


I was pissed already.. I told her that I know there is no PCW running thru the handler but I want to know if there is condensation signature inside the module. I told her that her explanation doesn’t make up because she first claimed that there was no condensation inside the module but on the other hand she was claiming that 7 units are having water stain. So if there was no condensation inside the module, then how the fuck did the 7 units get stained? (I think that we need to ask Anwar)..

Later she told me that the technician had claimed that one of the modules had no aircond. I asked how she knew that. She said there was no air coming out from the air cond diffuser which was perched directly on top of that module. WTF man?!?!


So I asked where that module is situated as you come in from the entrance. She said left most. I tried to clarify if the module situated on the left most was near the wall and she asked me wat wall. Then she tried explaining where the affected module was sitting but she ended up still telling me on the left. I told her that there were many lefts depending on how she sees it. So which left was she referring to? I continued by asking if that module was near to another area (let’s say we call that area ABC).


Her response shook me man. She asked me where was ABC.. wah liao eh.. I nearly fainted man.. (ABC is actually just directly behind the modules but on the right hand side). How is it possible for a person who already worked for nearly 1 year and not know the areas of production? Come on la.. Don’t be so dead la..


Anyways, I did not pursue the location of the module anymore. I know that the module is capable of processing more than 400 units at 1 go. So I asked the lady if there were more than 7 units that had water stain? She said only 7. This is where I got to be kwai lan (mischievous).


I asked her how many units did that module process during the affected timeframe and she said 6000 over. I continued to ask her to figure out if it was logic to only hv 7 units with water stain when it processed more than 6000 over units. I told her that 1 lot does not make up of 7 units only. Unless she was telling me that during the incident she only ran 7 units. Again, I told her that was impossible because the module has more than 7 slots and 1 slot has more than 10 over unit placements. So how did she come to deduce that it was condensation? Obviously she was dumb struck la..


I finished off my conversation with her by telling her that tho the area was thought to be warm, but the temperature and dew point trending were within spec limit.


She ended the conversation by saying, “Thank You you”.


At that point I nearly fell off my chair. WTF thank you you?!?! Who the fuck taught her English man?!?!


P/S: I am gonna charge a bomb to my customer. My guys have turnaround the pipe burst issue in the male toilet.. 50% mark up maybe!


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Friday, June 12, 2009

Intel and its URM

I seriously do not know how to start this post. Something happened that I was kinda shocked and now pretty embarrassed to continue blogging. I do not know if I shud continue blogging the Juanito style or blog who I truly am. Anyways, screw it since I am getting paid for my blogs.


Before I left Kiasuland (aka Stinkapore), I wrote this piece


And in it I mentioned that I would follow up with an article titled ‘Intel and its URM’


I think it is time I did just that.


Intel used to hire cream of the crops from colleges and universities across Bodohland. That was back in the 90s. I remember during my poly days (while I was pursuing for my diploma), it was so darn bloody hard to obtain a scholarship from Intel. We had to go thru interviews as if Intel was the only company giving out scholarships back then.


It was a milestone for us and also for the poly I studied in. It was due to our efforts that we manage to open the eyes of Intel that students from polytechnics can be among the cream of the crop as well. Back then Intel only gave out scholarships to a handful of universities, namely UTM, USM and UM. Polytechnics were out of the question.


We went thru a lot especially with my dad giving us a big hand in making sure that Intel would notice us. Intel did notice us finally. Ungku Omar Polytechnic was the 1st polytechnic that Intel had given out scholarships to diploma students. It became a precedent after that.


Our class had 8 Chinese (including myself) and 1 Indian. Out of 9 of us, 8 of us applied for the Intel scholarship. The only guy who didn’t apply for it was a Chinese from DU. His father was filthy rich hence he didn’t need the scholarship because there was a bond that went along with it. 7 of the 8 who applied passed the 1st interview and they were awarded the scholarship. The only 1, that was me had to undergo 2 interviews. I still remember who interviewed me the second time. Cant reveal her name but she is still working in Intel until today.


Basically all of us graduated with flying colors. At the end of our diploma, we had a CGPA of 3.5 and above. The only guy who didn’t get above 3.5 was the guy from DU. I finished my final semester being 2nd in the class. I had to if not my CGPA would have been shitty. Considering that all of us were a lot of non studious type, managing a meager 3.5 above was more than satisfactory.


That was life back then and that was how tough it was to get an Intel scholarship which guaranteed a job in Intel back then. I was among the tail-ends that made up the cream of the crop.


Unfortunately, Intel nowadays is like In-n-Out fast food chain! Several years later after I got back to Intel in 2000, Intel created a position. The position was called Diversity Manager. When we heard it the first time (back then I already knew Tofu), we were like, “WTF?? WT hell a Die-ass-ity Manager is supposed to do?”


Well, it didn’t take long enough for us to realize what the main responsibility of the Die-ass-ity Manager was. The Die-ass-ity Manager’s role was to hire Non Chinese (in short). WTF?? How is it that a fucking American based company in Bodohland ended up with such a fucking stupid idea to hire non Chinese?


So this smart alec came out with the most brilliant idea and called it URM – UnRepresented Minorities. Holy fuck!!


Let me say this ok. In the private sector world, everything is based on competition and performance. If you cant perform, if you cant compete, then get the fuck out of the company and go back to the jungle you came from. It is just as simple as that. This is not a civil service line!!


I just do not understand how is it that the Chinese (tho they make up 70% of the work force due to their diligence and hardwork) become a majority representation while the Malays become minorities? As if the Chinese and Indians (who are minorities) are not marginalized enough in this fuck up country and now fucking UMNO/BN directs all MNC to be diverse? Fuck you!!


If you cant compete on a level playing field, then don’t blame anyone but yourself. Blame NEP, blame UMNO, blame BN but just don’t blame the Chinese for being hardworking and diligent. OK???


What made it worse was even the annual performance appraisal had to be diverse as well!! WTBF?? Performance appraisal is meant to gauge performance and not because if you are a Chinese, Malay or Indian. If performance appraisal had take diversity into question, then it would be ethnic appraisal rather than performance appraisal. Does the Intel management know this?


Has Intel actually seen the turnover of the URM (as I called it UnRepresented Morons)? These mutha farkers who get a free pass to Intel cant cope with the Intel workload and pressure, hence they prematurely resign. They resign before you can even say GO.. Just look at the numbers then tell us if diversity has actually been successful or not? I reckon not seriously.


My deep throat tells me that Intel in Bodohland has to be 50% diverse come 2009/2010. Fuck it la! Intel can close shop and go back to where it came from.


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Bullshit!! Who can it be? Intel!!!

The Intel Asia Corporate Facilities GM said that Jones Lang LaSalle is offering USD75Million in cost savings over the 5 years for Intel Facilities Management across Asia Pacific.


For the benefit of all, the Intel APAC Facilities Management contract worth about USD150Million or so, so they say.


I am wondering how the fuck Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) arrived at the number of USD75Million in savings? Well, my deep throat seriously hopes to see the list of savings committed by JLL. USD75Million is basically 50% of the total contract. This literally means that what Intel is paying in this contract to JLL, JLL is actually giving back 50% to Intel. I don’t mind the paying back but 50%?


Hey, it is USD75Million that we are talking about..


How is it possible that (if the contract was worth USD150Million to manage the entire Intel APAC facilities) JLL is going to run the operations smoothly or flawlessly (as Intel always uses that jargon)?


Definitely the contract worth was derived with the right computation, right mathematic, right methodology, historical spending and what not. If the actual spending did make up USD150Million, then how the hell is JLL gonna operate with USD75Million?


Basically, JLL is running some sites for free then. My deep throat tells me that the current incumbent supplier had offered upto USD50Million in savings. And even with USD50Million in savings, the incumbent supplier is already finding it hard to manage the operations lest breaking even.


Several weeks ago, when the GM was asked about the contract negotiations, he saintly (note I use the word SAINTLY) said that he had no knowledge or whatsoever.


Well, let me tell u this. The GM reports to Neil Turnmore, Intel Corp Facilities VP. Is it possible that what your boss does and yet when you are close to him and you do not have the knowledge about the contract negotiations?


My ass he doesn’t!!


Btw just to side track. Yesterday I was listening to Fly FM while I was driving back. The deejays were talking about phobias. One of them was acrophobia or the fear of heights. Jules, 1 of the 2 deejays said that she wasn’t afraid of heights but she was just afraid of high places. Huh?!?!?!

Ok, I was trying to comprehend how can one not fear of heights but fear of high places? So I called Tofu, and he said he doesn’t know what the fuck Jules was trying to mean. Seriously, how can I not fear height yet fear high places? Do high places not attribute to heights?


It is as if I am saying that I am Verminophobic (fear of germs) but I don’t fear the dumpster? I rest my case man.. Bodohland deejays nowadays don’t really know what the fuck they are talking when they are on air.  

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Intel & JLL – A Can of Worms

In my earlier article, I wrote this piece. The information was provided by a deep throat of mine. Today, my deep throat informed me of more stunning information. I cant even have a breather since coming back from Kiasuland. Yes, I spent my recent long weekend in Kiasuland with Tofu.. I will talk abt that later. For now, I have to post what my deep throat had provided me.


As I said, last week I posted an article on why Jones Lang LaSalle can go suck it up big time. Basically Jones Lang LaSalle outbid everyone to win the Intel contract for FM (facilities management). JLL had already known that they would win it even before the bidding was officially announced..


A reader of mine caught up with my blog and this was his comment.


‘…Friend, All of your assumptions and notes are on the mark. I worked 9 years for In-hell and this latest contract with JLL is an effort +3 years in the making to outsource facilities scope and remove the “inhouse” expertise that Intel has had over the last +25 years. The bidding circus was only a mere effort to appear “fair.” This horse race was thrown before it began. Intel is the fucking most hypocritical company when it comes to ethics. They put on some pretty good makeup to hide that fucking ugly face beneath, let alone the rotten soul beyond that. Cheers..’


Harsh words ey don’t you guys think? Well I don’t for one. Fuck Intel! Fuck JLL!!


I bet everyone at some point of his or her life has had a relationship before. Note that I mentioned ‘has had’. Meaning to say we have been in and out of relationships before. Have you noticed what the reasons are when you plan to break up? These reasons are mere excuses. You come out with a million and one excuses just to bail yourself out of a relationship.


Well, this is basically what Intel did. Not to JLL but to their rival bidder apparently. Ok, I will get down to what my deep throat has told me.


Intel Asia had favoured the incumbent supplier but apparently some top US folks in Intel had favoured JLL on the other hand. And this favoritism was why JLL had managed to undercut to win the Intel US Facilities Management contract last year.


Earlier as posted, rumor and speculation was that JLL’s boss is a close friend of the Intel Corp Facilities VP. Well, that rumor aint rumor anymore and now has changed to a fact. Who the fuck this JLL guy is, well my deep throat doesn’t quite know but it seems that the Intel Corp Facility VP is Neil Turnmore. And news has it that Neil Turnmore is pretty close to Paul Otellini, the CEO of Intel. Can you see the connection now?


So what are the connections between JLL and Intel’s Neil Turnmore and Paul Otellini? If you read the comment that (I had pasted above), it seems that JLL and Intel has been in negotiations for the past 3 years now. Neil Turnmore came on board Intel Facilites almost the similar timeline.


If all this is true, then this is not only the biggest fuck-up conspiracy that I have heard from my deep throat ever since knowing him. This is also the biggest code of conduct that Intel has ever breached. And yet Intel boast of integrity and the right business ethics and whatever not. Does this action not constitute to violation of business ethics and therefore liable for termination and even upto law suit?? Hey can someone do something???


News has it that since Intel US didn’t like the current incumbent; therefore Intel had to create a case against them. Basically this move was planned to politically and diplomatically kill off the ties between Intel and the current incumbent. Intel is such a scumbag!!!


Let’s hope JLL screw up so bad that Intel wont even know what actually hit them…

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jones Lang LaSalle, you will suffer miserably

I had wanted to write this a long time ago but time was not permitting. I don’t hv the luxury to write lengthy and frequent articles like I used to do so as when I was in Kiasuland. I shall reserve that for a later part.


In my last article before I left Kiasuland, I mentioned that I will write abt Intel’s URM. Well, I shall need to digress for the meantime for more urgent matters that I need to bring everyone’s attention to.


3 words – Jones Lang LaSalle.


If you guys out there are not sure who the fuck Jones Lang LaSalle is, then let me unkindly share with you who these fuckers are.


JLL is a real estate company that specializes in commercial property management. Read it clearly – it says COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.


So why the fuck and why bother bidding in the recent multi million dollar semicond-based MNC facilities management?? Semicond based MNC aint any commercial property.. Commercial properties are like Ngee Ann Tower, Berjaya Times Square and what not. When did this specific MNC fall into the category of commercial property?


Anyways, if you wish to know more abt Jones Dick LaSalle, then click here.


Let me not hold back any words today. Since JLL was the one that exposed every piece of information about their bidding, then let me continue doing so.


JLL was 1 of the many bidders for a multi-million dollar contract for APAC’s Intel Facilities Management. JLL was shortlisted to be the final 2. Many weeks ago, in fact abt 1.5 mths ago, JLL went around bragging that they had won the contract when the announcement was due to be made only in mid-May. When they fan the rumor so big, the announcement had to be postponed a couple of wks later. Today, news has it that they hv won.


Many might have not come across JLL in Bodohland except perhaps those in the Klang Valley. JLL is deemed to be a reputable company in Kiasuland. Having worked in Kiasuland before, I have actually come across many property managements undertaken by JLL. The question is why JLL is venturing into Intel only now? Is it because they undercut to win the contract in Intel US hence now they are inching their way into APAC as well?


Well, JLL has been playing dirty. They have been going around telling people that they have won the contract. One of JLL’s contractor, Pure Air has been doing the honours in fact. Problem is the contract has not been officially awarded. So how the fuck does JLL know that they have won the contract?


This only boils down to 2 things.


- JLL is stooping all time low to make it even harder for other bidders to compete or


- JLL had in fact gotten the contract thru other means of communication which is yet to be made official.


Rumor has it that JLL’s boss is quite a close friend to an Intel Facilities VP. Well, time will tell if that rumor is true. I thot hanky panky and corruption only takes place abundantly in Bodohland. Somehow if this rumor is true, then Intel is as fucked up as Bodohland. All the talk about business ethics and code of conduct is just full of bullshit!!


Just for the benefit of everyone – several months back, JLL undercut to basically win a bid to manage Intel’s Facilities Management in US. Rumor has it again that JLL came from the back door.


News also has it that JLL is one of the bidders for Dell, so happened to be outsourcing its facilities management. JLL, are u that pure and sincere to be expanding your business or are u crumbling big time in the commercial property sector? The way I see it, it is the latter… And from all the dirty tactics you are resorting to, I believed you are not sincere. So fuck off!!


Until my deep throat provides me with more information, I shall pen off for now.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

On a lighter note

A piece to share (taken from Malaysia Today)

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Calling Malaysians to Boycott Mamak Shops

This is my very short post after having been on a 2 mth hiatus..

Raja Petra calls for boycotts of Mamak led businesses such as Nasi Kandar. I support that idea. Read it all hereon why I agree with Raja Petra.

“….Oh, and please, please make another police report against me. And while you are at it you can also tell them that I have asked Malaysians to boycott Mamak shops just to teach you a lesson. It is you Mamaks who tried to trigger an anti-Chinese riot in Penang soon after Lim Guan Eng took office as Chief Minister.

What, you thought you wanted to start another May 13 in Penang so that the government can fall and Barisan Nasional can take back the state? You guys are dangerous racists. It was you Mamaks who almost started a Hindu-Muslim war in Penang back in the 1990s….”


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